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Piano, Guitar and Bass Lessons in Croydon, Melbourne


Email: angusnorwoodau@gmail.com

Phone: 0406 663 667

(please leave a voicemail, text or email if you cannot get on to Angus)


2 Gairns Court, Croydon,

Victoria 3136

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Angus Norwood
Piano, Guitar & Bass Specialist

Angus is a professional teacher and musician based in Melbourne. Angus has significant ability with piano, guitar and bass instrumentation after completing a three year music degree. He has seven years of teaching experience in Secondary Schools as a piano, guitar, bass, classroom music teacher and Head of Music. Angus is a VIT registered teacher whose teaching ability is of a professional standard after a Graduate Diploma of Education specialising in music education at ACU.

Angus currently works at Gleneagles and Lyndale Secondary College in piano, guitar & bass teaching roles.


Angus is a professional Melbourne session musician who has played in various Soul, funk, latin, contemporary and jazz bands with his versatile instrumentation of piano, guitar and bass. He has also worked as a wedding musician.

  • Bachelor of Music – Melbourne Polytechnic's

  • Diploma of Education - Australian Catholic University

  • Working With Children Registered

  • VIT registered teacher

  • Piano, Guitar & Bass Teacher at Angus Norwood Music Studio

  • Guitar, Bass & Double Bass teacher at Aquinas College

  • Piano teacher at Lyndale Secondary College

  • Head of Music at Upper Yarra Secondary College

Guitar Specialist

Adyn is a professional guitar teacher and musician. He has studied guitar with Adam Starr.


Adyn performs regularly in Melbourne including weekly at the Cube Cafe and is in a professional band that plays gigs across Melbourne called 'I Couldn't Tell Ya'.  

Adyn is a professional session guitarist who records and performs professionally across Melbourne.

Qualifications & Achievments
  • Teaches at the refugee tutoring program

  •  Performed at the Rhapsody in Rotorua festival in New Zealand

  • Performed at the annual Jazz in the Cafe show

  • Performs annually at the Generations in Jazz festival.

Guitar Specialist

Jake is a professional guitar teacher and musician. He has studied guitar with Adam Starr and has been learning for 12 years.

Jake is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Music course at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Jake has performed solo to audiences of over 1500 people and is a session guitarist who plays at events in Melbourne.

Qualifications & Achievments
  • Completed 1 year of a Bachelor of Music degree at Melbourne Polytechnic.

  • Taught guitar at Angus Norwood Music in 2018.

  • Performs annually at the GIJ festival.

  • Has completed a Working With Children's Certificate