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About Piano Lessons

Our piano teachers are experienced at teaching complete beginners as well has guiding significantly advanced piano students to the next level. 

We understand the different learning capabilities that each age group presents and we'll employ lessons and piano material tailored at just the right level so our students progress optimally.

We tailor make a course for your individual piano goals

Our piano teachers are incredibly versatile and can personalise a course suited to your unique piano goals. Whether you are after a contemporary, personalised and theoretical approach to piano or after a structured, AMEB notation focused piano education (or a healthy balance!), our teachers can create lessons to suit your piano goals.


Personalised and contemporary piano lessons

Our teachers can show you how to play your favourite songs or favourite music genres with optimal chord voicings and fingerings whilst instilling a comprehensive knowledge of what is happening theoretically.


In our piano lessons you will gain the skills to be able to interpret chord progressions and melodies using chord charts, scales, notation and your 'ear' (by listening). You will be able to learn new songs very quickly and be able to expand, embellish and elaborate on your favourite songs and genres. 


Our Melbourne based teachers can teach you the fundamental theory of music - the relationships between chords and scales which will allow you to use the piano to create songs and improvise.

You may be a student who wants to learn how to play your favourite songs effectively and be able to manoeuvre your way around the piano comfortably and with a musical understanding of what is happening. You may wish to be able to elaborate musically on your favourite songs, even create your own music and improvise.

AMEB Focused Piano Course

Angusto Music Studio. Piano Lessons in Melbourne Doncaster. Professional Music Teaching School. Qualified and Experienced Instrumental Teachers.

Our piano teachers are excellent and experienced at teaching an AMEB type piano course whether the classical series or through the 'Piano for Leisure’ series. 


Particularly younger piano students can benefit immensely from being guided through an AMEB type piano course which will teach you how to play music notation and understand the written and expressive language of music up to a high level as well as develop excellent piano technique and musicality. It will allow you to constantly work towards goals for both the beautiful recital pieces and essential piano/music theory requirements of each AMEB grade.

How to get to Croydon Music Sutdio for Piano Lessons

Our teaching studio is located in Croydon Melbourne close by to Ringwood and it is very easy to travel to as it is just off the Maroondah Highway. Our piano, guitar and bass lessons are very accessible to you if you are coming from surrounding suburbs such as Ringwood, Mitcham, Vermont, Heathmont, Park Orchards, Mooroolbark, Kilsyth, Bayswater or Montrose.

Angusto Music Studio. Piano Lessons in Melbourne Doncaster. Professional Music Teaching School. Qualified and Experienced Instrumental Teachers.


Piano, Guitar and Bass Lessons in Croydon, Melbourne


Email: angusnorwoodau@gmail.com

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